The album was produced by Belgarath, recorded at Studio ‘Na vilata’ and released on 27th February 2014.

Artwork: Vesela Nenkova and Peter Wolf.


The album Wanderer was released in limited edition of 100 CD copies (produced by Belgarath) and 20 cassettes (released and distributed by Pänzer Productions).

Soon after the promotion the CDs are sold out.

The album can also be found in digital version here:


Later the CD version was re-issues in new limited edition of 50 copies.

There were two videos, recorded for songs from this album. The audio of the songs is live and exclusive for the video, but versions of the same songs can be heard in the album.

Both videos are made by Amps On Air.

The opening Winds Of War:


and the masterpiece Alone And Mad!



Winds of War
Black Altar
Dead End
Fields of Death
Open Graves
Mad and Alone
Last Embrace